Best Free MCAT Study Materials

Best Free MCAT Study Materials

I’ve tracked down and reviewed the best sites for free MCAT review materials and practice tests so you don’t have to.

As you probably already know, the MCAT is the medical college admissions test. It consists of 4 sections which are the physical sciences (physics and chemistry), verbal reasoning, writing and the biological sciences. There are many reveiw classes, books and online workshops, but unfortunately many of them are overpriced.

Here are the top free resources you can find online:

My top pick This site is my personal favorite because it has a huge question server with over 4000 questions along with a free online MCAT course. Their course is a self study course My rating: A-

Other great sites

MyMCAT: This wiki based site is great for the science portions of the MCAT. It is more complete on some topics than others, but offers a combination of articles to reveiw and quizes to test how well you are doing. This website by itself will probably not get you MCAT ready, but it is a great additional resource and its totally free! This website can be found at: My Rating B+

AAMC Practice tests: You only get one free, but these are the only way to really get a feel for how the actual MCAT works. These can be found at: My rating B, but pretty much required. This site is rather unorginized but they offer alot of free practice questions which is always helpful. This site can be found at: My rating: C- for organization, but B+ for content.

Good luck and if you have additional favorite study sites feel free to post them in a comment below.

Other Helpful Articles:

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CutestPrincess, posted this comment on Mar 4th, 2009

very-well written article…

Mr Ghaz, posted this comment on Mar 5th, 2009

That was cool. I loved it! Thanks 4 sharing

mark, posted this comment on Mar 20th, 2009

I dunno about those grades. WikiPremed doesn’t really have any content, its all just links to other sites. MyMCAT however seems to have its own articles and graphics and stuff. The AAMC site also has some awesome pdfs with a giant bullet list of everything you need to know for the sciences, quite useful.

Gretta, posted this comment on Mar 25th, 2009

WikiPremed doesn’t have content? Maybe it could be better organized, but on top of the question server there are a really good set of physics flash cards, a great set of organic mechanisms, lots of problem sets, and there are thousands of the coaching discussions the professor guy behind the site wrote based on his experience teaching that work through the material from beginning to end. These have really helped me. Take your time with the site and you’ll get how it works.

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